Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Some days, some nights

Some Days Some nights, some live some die in the way of the Samurai. A long journey awaits. Many lifes will be slain only to fing the man that smells of sunflowers. Many masters will come to the field an show their skill. Sun up or sun down I will be waiting in the silence of the plum flower and the edge of my sword, in the spirit of the placid water and in the heat of a consuming fire, in the battle cry of the times with no lords. that is where you will find me.


Cool thing. I have to keep improving him because I wanted him to be a little hero and now he vandalises and tags whatever he sees. that's another thing with characters, they keep evolving. I will eventually get where I want Geno to be.

The plan Of humpty dumpty and the German kid

It is hard to come up with a characterfrom day to morning. As you all can see, I had to go through a couple of trials to get here... well to the guy above. I had to think what do I want with him? Is he going to be cute? And how fat will he look like. The result, you can see.

Beep Beep

Did I mention that aside from the pink panther, This is my favorite show?
yes I used to watch it all the time at grandmas house when I used to go over.
I loved when the marathons used to come up.
Now the looney Toons have been moved
to "Boomerang"
But good times I can remember from these cartoons. This cartoon
is the reason why I am here, the reason that made
me decide to become an animator.

The grim adventuref of ZERO and Alberto

cMO'n... you all have watched the grim adventures of billy and mandy right??? well
ofcourse, this is grim. I was bored so I decided to throw
one drawing of my favorite shows in here.
Is an inspirational because they have what
I look for as an animator besides simplicity,
but grim is the man... besides Billy... ok ok and Mandy.


This is adden... you might see more of him later.....

He is one of the characters I am proud of... well him and his friends....

I came up with him trying to make a tv show that could work... we will se what happens.