Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Quick sketch

Quick digital painting I made in class this week. Trying out a new
brush set, I really like it! Well just a quick digital sketch done in
Photoshop. I really like how the shirt came out.

Gage Concept

This is the concept for One of my characters in the comic book.
Demonstrating different variations to get what I wanted to
get to. last one looks like flash, that is how concept artists work.

Osiris Mod

I made this a shirt for a friend out of a design that he had in his shoe.
Pretty intricate to blow up a piece 30 times its size, but all for costumer.
Created with airbrush.

Tagg, Im it!

Having fun Tagging around Home town in PR. Of course
made with Two cans of Aerosol.

Dream Jam

Hendrix is one of the reasons why I got into music and guitar.
that is why I made this painting. 100% Acrylic. private collection

In hiss eyes

Painting done for animal anatomy. Cotton top Tamarin monkey
from south America done in airbrush and acrylic.

Jokes on you

Drawing I did In beginning drawing, 100% pencil lead.
Took me a week to finish because of its size (20 x 30).
The project parameters were putting together a collage
themed around anything we decided upon with type.

Prima M-160/ concept

This is a concept I made of an Idea I came up with in beginning drawing
Three years ago when I started school. looks better than the original,
well I have been experimenting with digital sketches, brushes and colors
to get the best out of an illustration.

Underwater world

This is a quick digital sketch I came up with in class, felt like conceptualizing
something different. it is not finished. I wish this place was real, maybe
I could escape there!!!

Sun blasts/ heroes for my comic

These are the heroes for my comic book that I'm creating for
the comic book club. Action packed where these three heroes
Save their planet from evil entities. It is a fun journey making
these pages.